MFC offers high quality and client based consulting services with exceptional expertise in the fields below:

Regional Investment Promotion

MFC is occupied with evaluating the best investment opportunities in the region and providing its services to our clients. We are devoted to establishing a promotion center for investment in the region.
We offer:
• International marketing and investment promotion
• Guiding, consulting and assisting investors in all procedures

Construction Development

We provide full construction and development consulting services for all clients and investors such as accommodations, buildings, hotels, commercial real estate investment operations consulting and more.
We offer:
• Project proposals and planning as well as tender bidding documents;
• Preparing feasibility studies, valuation, engineering design, construction supervision, project management;
• Coordinate the entire or part of the investment project

Real Estate Valuation

MFC provides a list of professional real estate valuation services which includes:
• Real estate laws and valuation
• Real estate transfer, lease and mortgage valuation
• Real estate taxation and insurance valuation
• Real estate disputes, split and merge support
• Policies and legal procedures

Investment Management

MFC provides professional management consultancy, legal advisory, financial advisory, IT services, logistics management consulting, human resources management, business planning and strategy, marketing and PR.
Management services to companies:
⁃ Compact Invest
⁃ Gulf Invest
⁃ Matal
72 Osjek
IBE Group
Real estate appraisal:
⁃ AYA Group UAE
⁃ M Invest Group