The location of the residential and bussines building Humoud is in Ilidža, within the approved regulatory plan “Spa and recreational center Ilidža”, on plot number 983/1. The plot and ground florr can be accessed from the south (Hrasnicka street). The main entrance for the residential part of the building is from the main street. The building has a ground floor, six floors and an attic. The main function of the building is habitation. A restaurant with a kitchen, pantry and other associated spaces are planned for the ground floor. A part of the first floor is ment to be a bussines space with an area of 99,39m 2 . Twenty-three apartments are planned for the upper floors with areas from 43,28m 2 to 120,07m 2 . The residential part of the builing can be accessed from the south side through an entrance hallway and service core whith two elevators. On the west side of the building, connected with the main stairway is the fire escape stairway. The apartment on attic has an direct entrance/exit from the main stairway and the fire escape stairway. The attic apartment has a direct access to the roof terace above the sixth floor.
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