An upscale residential building of 7 floors, underneath it the famous Kilim restaurant, which is considered one of the best restaurants in the city …. in the architecture are 18 luxurious apartments and penthouse all overlooking the river, Ilidza Gardens and Igman mountain
The best constructions materials were used to build the building.
The apartments are connected to the ground floor by two modern and spacious German-made elevators (Schindler) , and a staircase made of marble, in addition to a steel staircase for emergencies.
In front of the building there is a large parking and way to enter the building through a closed electric gate



There are three types of apartments in the building

The first model: one bedroom and living room, area of m2 And also a bathroom, american kitchen and dining corner overlooking the river.

Second model: two bedrooms and a living room, area of 85 m2 And also two bathrooms, american kitchen and dining corner overlooking the river.

The third model: three bedrooms and a living room of 125 m2 And also three bathrooms, american kitchen and dining corner overlooking the river



more about location

The building is located on the bank of the river (Željeznica), on the edge of the green oasis of Ilidza, the Vrelo Bosna national park and near the Roman excavations.
The building is also in the middle of the most remarkable tourist area in the city and around it several hotels such as the famous Terma Spa, the popular Hollywood Hotel, Ilidza Sky Residential Building, the Crone hotel, the Turkish restaurant Turkuaz, Brajlović restaurant and the most important landmark directly under the building and on its ground floor the famous Kilim Restaurant

The building is only 4 km from the airport, by car not more than 7 minutes, and 12 km from the city center and the old market Basčaršija

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